My Hero Academia – Season 1, Review (No spoilers)

Last weekend, the launching of the second season of popular series My Hero Academia caused an excited and cheerful uproar from the anime fans community. To understand this phenomenon , let us go back and reflect on the first season.

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is an animation series based on the same name manga from Kohei Horikoshi. At first, the story presents itself as the usual, and rather stereotypical teenager Shonen scenario. Set in a fantasy world resembling modern Japan where almost all humans are born with super-hero abilities, we follow the story of Izuku (“Deku”), who is mocked by his classmates because he was born without any particular ability.

Problem: Deku’s dream is to become a hero, as his idol All Might, but without a quirk – as such is the name magic powers have been given in the world of My Hero Academia, it seems rather naive and impossible. However, thanks to an unexpected encounter, Deku will manage to overcome difficulties and take the necessary steps that will lead him on the path of becoming a great hero.

From this short summary, it may appear that the anime offers to follow the life of our same usual loser, just as in any comics. Yet, this is where  My Hero Academia is a pleasant surprise: all characters have been though in depths and, although they may appear cliche at first, there is enough room left for their development. It is not only about successes and failures, but urges us to do our best, as we immediately identify with the main character because we are touched by his sincerity.

The series often resorts to self depreciation and, while some characters could be treated in an archetypal manner, such as the icon of the rival, found in the character of Kacchan, this is done in a very clever way and makes us want to explore further the relationships between the characters. Moreover, the series also features epic fight scenes, cliffhangers and a lively soundtrack that will help you to get up in the morning!

As the first season is composed of 13 episodes only, we leave a bit hungry for more by the end of it. If negative comments had to be directed towards My Hero Academia, it could be highlighted that female protagonists do not play a key part in this part of the series, which is a shame. This could be to come in further episodes, though.

If you’re a Shonen fan and got nostalgic of the old Naruto or Bleach episodes, My Hero Academia could be an efficient remedy to your nostalgia. My Hero Academia is a modern initiatory trip, offering a large and interesting range of characters, and we look forward to watching the next episode as soon as the first season ends, simply out of fascination and curiosity.


Image Credits: @Mikurun, Deviantart


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